Smoked Crab Imperial

This is an amazing recipe that works well all by itself as a glorious appetizer or it can level up your dinner recipe as an over the top… topping.

Velvety smooth crab imperial has always been a classic – and for good reason. But can it be smoked for a bonus layer of umami flavor and still hold it’s own? Turns out yes. And it goes perfectly slathered over a smoked beef tenderloin.

What Exactly Is Crab Imperial?

Turns out crab imperial gets its name by way of the sauce you make. An imperial sauce is essentially a classic mayo based sauce and it is really easy to make.

What you Need:

Crab imperial sounds fancy. But for reals, it’s a few quick ingredients all whipped up in a bowl before finishing it off in the smoker.

 You will be mixing mayo with the ingredients and then gently folding the crab in.

Once everything has been evenly folded to evenly coat, you will transfer it to a fire safe skillet, cast iron is your best bet here.