Smoked Crab Imperial

This is an amazing recipe that works well all by itself as a glorious appetizer or it can level up your dinner recipe as an over the top… topping.

With a few simple ingredients and fresh crab, the smoker adds an amazing layer of flavor to an already luscious recipe.


- Lump crab - Mayo - Worcestershire sauce - Melted butter - Lemon juice - Onion - Tony Chachere’s BOLD Seasoning - Ground mustard - Egg - Parsley


Place the crab in a large bowl.

Mix the mayo, Worcestershire, butter, and lemon juice in a bowl.

Add the minced onion.

Mix in 1 teaspoon of the Tony Chachere’s BOLD blend and the ground mustard to combine.

Mix in the beaten egg to combine and the parsley.

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