How to Use Wood Chips While Grilling Burgers

Today, I wanna chat about flavor. Big beefy burger flavor. Because well, burgers are kinda my jam and I enjoy showing off when grilling for a crowd simple tricks that can level up your grill game.

Can you use wood chips to smoke a burger? Absolutely. It’s a quick flavor upgrade and I love using them for those ‘Smokehouse’ style burgers.

How to use Wood Chips to add flavor when grilling burgers? Have the chips sit on the heat for a few minutes until things get smokey, and then add your burgers and close the lid.

How to use Wood Chips in a Charcoal Grill: I will create a fire for indirect heat and toss wood chips on top or add chunks to the sides.

How to use Wood Chips in a Pit Smoker: If you don’t have wood chunks, you can toss a couple of handfuls of chips right over the hot coals in your pit smoker.

What wood to use to smoke burgers? For burgers, I love using classic wood like hickory or mesquite. Because they won’t smoke long, as long as it takes to grill a burger.