Pork Chile Verde Omelette

This recipe uses three eggs and leftover tender shredded pork simmered in a green sauce to make the perfect chile verde omelette!

This Pork Chile Verde Omelette has been my go-to brunch obsession as of late and you’re going to love it.


– Leftover pulled pork – verde sauce – eggs – salt, pepper, and GirlCarnivore Over Easy blend –  toppings like jalapeno, avocado, tomatoes, crema and cilantro

Start by whisking the eggs vigoursly and add just a tiny splash of water while your pan preheats over medium heat.

Add butter and swirl it to coat the pan. The moment the butter stops foaming, it’s time to add the eggs.

Gently, drag the outside of the egg in, pulling it towards the center, while rotating the pan to refill the gaps before placing the pork verde on the still wet eggs.

Omelet continue to cook with heat and steam as you fold them, so don’t cook them to done before the fold.

Finally, fold the eggs over one half, and then using your pro skills, flip the remaining half over top when you slide the eggs out from the pan onto the prepared plate.

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