Infuse global flavor into your next pizza with this campfire pizza, Aka, Moroccan Lamb Pizza. A fun stuffed bread baked over a classic campfire.

INGREDIENTS Warm water, active dry yeast, sugar, bread flour, EVOO, coarse salt, olive oil, onions, garlic, bell pepper, Guadjillo chili pepper, lamb, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper

What is Medfouna? The more traditional version would be Medfouna, a stuffed bread dish baked, is similar to a stromboli or calzone, with a hearty meat filling.

First, make a fire and arrange your tri-pod according to the heat. You will want moderate heat for this cook and solid cast iron. Coat the inside of the pan with olive oil and add the onions and peppers and saute about 5 minutes, until soft. In a large bowl, add lamb and spices to the onion mix.

For the Berber pizza assembly: With a pin or your hands, press and roll the ball of dough into a large flat circle, about 10” in diameter and ½” thick. Dust a pizza peel or easily maneuvered cutting board with cornmeal or flour. Transfer the disk to the pizza peel. – Place the lamb filling onto dough, covering evenly, leaving a ¾” border from the edge.

Wet the outer edge of the lower dough with a bit of water, then cover the dough and filling with the second half, pressing to seal, and slightly rolling the edge under, on itself. Check at 20 minutes, then more frequently.  When the upper crust is dry and the bottom is crisp, it is done, raising or lowering from proximity to heat as your fire needs.