Braised Moroccan lamb shanks with harissa and other African flavors is the perfect fork tender recipe; just like what I enjoyed while traveling through Morocco.

The trade market has been long thriving through Morocco, making it an epicureans delight to experience new foods and flavors in.

How to Make Moroccan Lamb Shanks? These lamb shanks come together easily because they are braised with a variety of comforting flavors. Braising in the oven keeps the meat moist as everything slowly cooks, breaking down and creating fork tender bites.

Use meaty lamb shanks for this recipe with visible bones. As the lamb cooks down the bone will become more pronounced.

Lamb shanks are perfect for braising as the connective tissue of the leg slowly breaks down becoming tender with the slow long application of heat. Perfect for tangines and filled with flavor.

Be creative and frugal with your ingredients on hand, mixing in dried fruits such as dates, apricots or figs if you have them on hand.