Maple Meatballs Breakfast Mac and Cheese

Sink into breakfast with this incredibly creamy mac and cheese loaded with cherry maple meatballs and perfectly fried eggs.

Can I eat mac and cheese for breakfast? If there was ever a reason not to, now is your chance for a clearly positive yes. Yes, you can eat creamy cheesy macaroni for breakfast.

This recipe also has maple-infused breakfast meatballs! It also includes pasta, butter, milk, mustard and cheese.

Don’t have dry mustard? No worries, you can substitute any mustard you have. Just use a teaspoon and swirl it in if it’s wet.

These meatballs look like a lot of work, but come together quickly with ground country sausage, spices like egg blend, sage, thyme, salt and a zesty pepper mix with a dash of chunky cherry preserves and real maple syrup.

What’s the best cheese combination for mac and cheese? You want a smooth velvet texture when you take your first and last spoonful, not one with clumps or cheese or oil pooled on top.