How to Steam Fresh Blue Crabs

Want to know how to steam blue crabs? Here it is – the ultimate guide!

From sizing, ordering, how to pick and a recipe on how to steam the perfect Maryland blue crab.


- Old Bay - Beer - Water - Blue Crabs


Mix enough water and beer in the pot of the steamer to get a rolling boil as per the manufacturers directions for your steamer.

Arrange the crabs in a single layer in the steamer pot and sprinkle with a thick coating of Old Bay. Arrange another layer over top and repeat.

Place the steam pot over the boiling water and cover the lid tightly. You will be working in batches, so don’t try to fit them all in.

Steam the crabs until cooked through, checking after 15 to 20 minutes to see how things are going. Depending on how big your pot is, how many crabs you packed in there will determine how long the steaming takes.

With the steamer pot carefully removed from the boiling water, pour out your first batch onto the table and begin the second batch for steaming.

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