Air Fryer Cheesy Potato Taquitos

Want a fun spin on an air fried snack food? These potato-filled taquitos use up leftover mashed potatoes wrapped in corn tortillas then conveniently air fry for that crispy crunch!

Air fryer cheese and potato taquitos work as a snack or you can serve as a side or even a main course. With the convenience of an air fryer, you are not looking at a complex meal to make either.


- Mexican Cheese blend - leftover Cheesy Garlic Mashed Potatoes - Corn Tortillas - Sour Cream - Crumbled Bacon - Salsa

Assemble The Taquitos

Working in batches of 4, heat the tortillas, wrapped in the barely damp paper towels in the microwave until pliable.

With a piping bag, or by hand, spread a layer of potatoes down the center of each tortilla, no thicker than ½”.

Some potato and cheese filling will fall out. Carefully wipe out the excess filling and repeat until all taquitos are made.

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