Ultimate Guide to Smoking on a Gas Grill

squirt bottle tongs heat resistant gloves digital thermometer grill propane tank wood chips smoker box or foil packet

What You'll Need

Pair the food with the flavor of the wood chips:  All Purpose = oak or hickory Fish = cedar or alder Pork / Chicken = pecan, maple, peach, cherry, or apple Beef = hickory, mesquite

What Wood to Use?

Soaking creates steam instead of smoke. Instead, add a water pan to keep the grill humid and burn the wood chips dry.

Should I soak the Wood?

Prepare the grill and set the probe thermometer in place.

Step 1

Turn on only half of your grill's burners. Fill a pan with water and place it inside.

Step 2

Place wood chips in a smoker box or make an aluminum foil packet:  Place ½ to 1 cup wood chips in the center of a 9x12 sheet of heavy duty foil. Fold like a burrito and pinch the top shut but leave a small opening.

Step 3

Cook food over indirect heat (the turned off burners) and replace wood chips every 30 minutes or so.

Step 4

- Turkeys, chickens - Pork shoulder - Salmon, halibut - Ribs - Artichokes - Mac & cheese ... the possibilities are endless!

What can you smoke?