Maple Glazed Ham Steaks with Red-Eye Gravy

Ham steaks are one of my favorite comfort meals. And I am reinventing a classic brunch recipe for a modern gathering with these maple-glazed ham steaks with red-eye gravy.

This is one of those recipes that is SO easy to make you can spend more time with friends. But it’s also a classic comfort meal that I am reinventing for a modern brunch.


- ham steaks - butter - strong black coffee - maple syrup - brown sugar - chili powder

Stir in the coffee, 2 tablespoons of the maple syrup, brown sugar and chili powder to combine.

Heat the ham steaks, flipping as needed, as the syrup becomes thick and sticky and coats the ham and browns.

When the eggs are fried, slice the ham steaks into portions and serve with the fried egg and drizzle the red-eye gravy over top.

That they are already cooked and I can whip a single one up for myself without having to bake an entire ham makes waiting for big holiday leftovers that much easier.

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