How to Grill Salmon

Grilling fish can be one of the most intimidating things on the grill. But once you master it, the flavor is hard to beat!

Like all things, a little practice goes a long way and here are our best tips and tricks for grilling salmon to perfection every time.


- Salmon filet - Oil - Adobo honey spice blend - Girl Carnivore Over Easy Spice Blend - Salt - Teriyaki sauce - Soy sauce - Brown sugar - Fresh corn


In a large bowl, toss the grilled corn with the chopped zucchini, tomatoes and scallions.

Add the olive oil, lime juice, cotija and toss to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Clean your grill grates. Prep your grill for around 375. If using charcoal add maple or apple wood chunks to infuse a little smoke if desired.

Liberally rub the salmon with the oil. Sprinkle the flesh with the adobo honey, Over Easy blend and salt.

Whisk the teriyaki, soy sauce, brown sugar, and adobo honey spice blend in a small bowl together. Remove 3 tablespoon and reserve.

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Large Radish