How to Grill Salmon

Grilling fish can be one of the most intimidating things on the grill. But once you master it, the flavor is hard to beat!

Salmon goes great with fresh seasonal veggies, roasted or grilled.


- salmon filet - girl carnivore over easy spice blend - teriyaki sauce - fresh corn - cardamom - thai Basil

Make the charred corn succotash

In a large bowl, toss the grilled corn with the chopped zucchini, tomatoes, and scallions.

Prep the salmon  Liberally rub the salmon with the oil. Sprinkle the flesh with the adobo honey, Over Easy blend, and salt.

Grill the fish Cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes. It should look like the fish has started to cook through when you flip. Brush the salmon again right before flipping. Use caution as too much liquid can cause flare ups.

For this method, we are grilling the salmon directly on the grill, just to keep things clean and simple.

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