Grilled Cuban Sandwich

This Grilled Cuban Sandwich covers all the bases. Even the mustard bites back.

Mixed with mayo and smeared all over fresh ciabatta bread, it made for the perfect addition to this on the go nibbler.


- Mango El Diablo Mustard - Mayo - Salt and pepper - Loaf ciabatta bread - Roasted pork - Ham - Salami - Dill pickle - Swiss cheese


Spray a large sheet of aluminum foil with cooking spray.

Whisk mustard and mayo in a bowl together. season with salt and pepper.

Spread mustard mixture over the inside of the ciabatta loaf.

Layer the sliced pork, ham, and salami on the bottom of the loaf. Arrange pickles over top and top with cheese.

Press the top of the ciabatta loaf on and wrap tightly in prepped aluminum foil.

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