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grilling gift guide

By GirlCarnivore


We’ve put together our best bbq gifts for the grill master in your life. From the best grills and outdoor grilling tools to handy gadgets, and our must-have essentials. For beginners to old pros, must-have accessories, tech, spices, and more; here are our 50 best grilling gifts of 2022.

The Best Grills For Gifting

Pit Barrel Cooker

This barrel-style cooker doesn’t come packed with frills and is still at the top of our list for fun grilling. There’s no built-in wifi or fancy tech. It’s a barrel cooker. And our most used grill for smoking ribs.

Ooni Portable Pizza Oven

For anyone who wants a fun pizza to take to every backyard bbq from now until forever, and loves to cook for friends, the Ooni portable pizza oven is just plain fun. If you have someone who already has one of every kind of grill, this is an excellent addition to the collection.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Grill

This offset smoker takes the ease of a pellet smoker and merges it with the flavor you can only get from charcoal. It’s a programmable charcoal grill that lights easily and burns for hours with both a smoke and sear option. Dreamy.

Ninja Woodfire Portable Grill

Probably the most fun we’ve had with a new grill this year is the mighty little Ninja Woodfire pellet grill. It’s portable and perfect for the person who loves to car camp, RV, or lives in an apartment and has limited space for grills.

Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit

Whether you want a statement piece for the backyard or really want to throw down with some serious live-fire grilling, the Breeo is a great addition to the collection. Also, made in America.

The Best Gifts for Grill Masters

Cast Iron Pan

Whether you’re an expert camp chef or just starting, a cast iron pan is as essential as fire. The classic Lodge cast iron pan is a perfect first and lifetime pan for any level of cook. If you’re looking for an investment piece, we love our 11 3/4″ Le Creuset enamel-coated cast iron skillet.

Charcoal Chimney

Our favorite way to light our coals is the charcoal chimney. Never use lighter fluid again, as the chimney works to light the coals evenly in about 20 minutes. Sadly, I have yet to find one that doesn’t have to be replaced every year.

Charcoal Pellets

Wood pellets don’t produce the same smoky flavor as grilling over charcoal. Until you discover charcoal pellets. And not just any charcoal pellets. Jack Daniel’s charcoal pellets. Who wouldn’t want to get coal for Christmas?

Boning Knife & Pairing Knife

When we first started, we were given two knives as essentials. A boning knife, with a flexible tip and a pairing knife. When you work t trim meat these two knives are indispensable in the arsenal and are worth a little splurge.

Smoker Box & Pellet Tube

These two tools are super helpful when adding smoke flavor to traditional gas grills but are mostly interchangeable (you don’t need both). You can blend a variety of wood chips or pellets and let the smoke roll. Bonus, you can also add these to pellet smokers for an added layer of smoke flavor.

The Best BBQ Gifts For Men


This one is just fun. Looflighter is a tool that blows air into your coals. Scientifically, it helps kickstart your coals, so they catch faster with superheated air. From a purely playful side, it’s just fun to watch these in action.

Wing Rack, Super Skewers, or Trompo Skewer Pan

When it comes to epic grilling, OvertheFireCooking owns it, and any fan will notice the tools he frequently uses and want to play with them too.

4 pack Spirit-Infused Spice Rubs

OvertheFireCooking is at it again with his spirit-infused spice rubs. This set stands out, with iconic spice pairings for bourbon, mezcal, rye, and sake. This is the perfect gift for the guy who loves to grill and collects quality spirits.

Whiskey Glasses

Possibly the only thing on our list that’s not directly related to grilling. But, a set of quality whisky glasses pair with barbecue as well as homemade sauce. And since every chef we know would love to add these to the collection, they made our list.

The Best Grilling Gifts For Women

Girls Can Grill Hat

These trucker-style baseball caps from award-winning pitmaster Christie Vanover are a favorite in our rotation for keeping long hair back while manning the grill. They are super comfy for hours of wear and a great conversation starter.

Girl Carnivore Hook Up Collection

Our signature blend of all-purpose spices. From an herbaceous citrus everything blend, the hearty beefy umami blend, and a balanced poultry blend, this collection of 3 spice blends can be used on a myriad of foods to really give them a boost.

Pit Magazine

Started by Helen Graves (who also has a book listed below) this subscription-based magazine is centered around Food and Fire. It’s like Southern Living, but for grill fanatics. They are based in the UK, but you can order subscriptions to the US.

Hey Grill Hey BBQ Sauce Variety Pack

Food Network Fan? Then you’ve probably spotted Susie of Hey Grill Hey as a judge on a variety of shows. Now you can bring home some of her best BBQ sauces in a variety pack of different flavors or go all in and sign your griller up for her grill squad! A subscription service with bonus content not found on her main site.

Removeable Meat Temperature Magnet

Super helpful magnet with easily read graphics for when temp to remove your meat from the grill by OrWhateverYouDo pellet smoking junkies.

The Best Grilling Cookbooks 

Flavor X Fire

Flavor X Fire by Derek Wolf of OvertheFireCooking. Possibly the social account associated with Live fire, Derek Wolf, the mastermind and friend behind wild dishes like pineapple teriyaki pulled pork sandwiches and baked lobsters with buffalo chive butter.

Green Fire

Green Fire by Francis Mallmann. When it comes to icons in an industry, the name Francis Mallmann holds a special place for true live-fire enthusiasts. His history as an expert Patagonian chef speaks volumes, and this new open-fire cookbook, entirely built around outstanding vegetarian dishes, it is sure to inspire even the biggest meat eater in your grilling family (it did for us).

Life of Fire

Life of Fire by Pat Martin. If you’ve ever been to Nashville, there’s a whole hog barbecue joint making true chopped pork sandwiches, just “the way God intended,” Pat Martin once explained to me after serving up a perfectly juicy sandwich. It’s a must-try, and his skill and care of tending his pits and making a true establishment out of humble ingredients are curated in this beautiful new recipe book.

The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots

The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written By Two Idiots by The Grill Dads. The pair behind the sensational social media account, Mark and Fey, have put together the book for the griller that already has everything. A fun twist on recipes with tons of personality and humor. If you’ve got a joker in your life, this gift is the perfect one for them.

Live Fire

Live Fire by Helen Graves. There’s a trend here in this year’s book recommendations, and that’s a passion for live fire grilling led by people who truly specialize in it. And Live Fire by Helen Graves is no exception to that. This new cookbook is built around seasonal grilling with only the freshest ingredients and is sure to spark some new ideas on the menu.

The Must Have Grilling Tools

Thermapen Instant Read Digital Thermometer

This is the be-all-end-all instant digital thermometer for chefs. With a variety of choices from instant read to Thermapen One (a one-second instant-read thermometer), there’s a thermometer for whatever level of pit master you’re shopping for.

Grilling Tongs

If you didn’t double-click your grill tongs, did you even grill? Meat nerds on social media get this joke. But, as far as a utensil, you can’t have too many stainless steel tongs in a variety of sizes are a must. It’s great to have at least 2 pairs for every cook, one for raw and one for cooked food, to avoid cross-contamination.

Grilling Gloves

We know a guy who every time he grills burns his hand. He’s getting two pairs of these for Christmas because they’re the perfect grilling gift! We like having heavy-duty leather gloves (look for welding gloves) and a pair of fabric heat-resistant gloves that we can throw in the washing machine near our grill set up for safety at all times.

Ambient Temp Probe

If the foodie you’re shopping for already has a great instant read thermometer and really wants to take their smoking to the next level, then an ambient temperature thermometer is a must. This one keeps an internal temp of the meat and an ambient temp of the grill to make sure you’re set up for success.

Grill Brush

Not the most exciting gift, but clean grilling grates are a must for making sure the food doesn’t stick when you flip it. So, a solid grill brush is essential in any pitmaster tool kit. Bonus points, you get to figure out how to wrap this one creatively.

The Best Unique Grilling Gifts

Grill Grates

If perfecting those grill marks has ever been a goal, check out these grill grates. Used in the Steak Championships, they are the tool to get that signature diamond look on meat.

Online BBQ School

Aaron Franklin, famous pitmaster of Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas, known for the line wrapped around the building before opening, and published cookbook author, hosts an online masterclass dedicated to Texas-style BBQ. No matter what region of barbecue you enjoy, you can learn something great from this online course.

Jack Daniel's Grilling Product

That’s right, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey barrels, once retired, are broken down and converted to charcoal briquets, wood chunks for smoking, and wood chips. The subtly sweet flavor is perfect for barbecue and is a great way to infuse another American tradition into your food. Oh, and their steak rub is pretty legit too.

Rotisserie Attachment

The rotisserie attachment takes roasts and chickens to a whole new level. I’m currently testing the OneGrill Heavy Duty Stainless Steel version. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of grills. Make sure to measure before ordering.

Customized Apron

Start with a high-quality apron, these were introduced to me by a chef, and we am currently crushing on them. Then, have it embroidered with your receiver’s name, slogan, or Instagram account for a personalized touch.

Fun BBQ Stocking Stuffers

Award Winning Spices

Try GirlsCanGrill championship BBQ collection, including her Chicken, Pork, and Brisket rub. GirlCarnivore HookUp Collection with Over Easy, an herb-based everything blend, Ooomami, our umami powder to beef up flavors, (get more info on what is umami and how to use it here). And, Chick Fest, an all-purpose whole30 conscious chicken blend.

Knife Aid Gift Card

We’re not fans of ‘gift cards,’ but this is an amazing gift for any level of cook. Knife Aid is a mail-order knife sharpening service. A dull knife is the most dangerous thing in the kitchen, and many people aren’t having their knives sharpened often enough. With Knife Aid, you mail in your knives, and they are expertly sharpened and returned to you quickly.

Truff Holiday Gift Pack

When it comes to hot sauce, Truff takes it up a notch with their gourmet truffle-infused hot sauce. Pretty much as swanky as hot sauce can get with Original, White Truffle Edition, and Black Truffle Oil. And when it comes to flavors, these are all to die for! Taste-test them on oysters for NYE, you won’t be disappointed

Bees Knees Spicy Honey

Another infused condiment, this spicy honey is perfect on fried chicken and waffles, drizzled over potato galettes, or just fun to have on hand whenever you need to add a little bonus of sweet heat to a dish.


It’s getting harder to find a newspaper to wad up to start your fire, so these all-natural fire starters are our go-to now for under our charcoal chimney or while we’re out camping to light our goals and wood without any chemicals.

Meat Shredders

There are tons of meat claws on the market, and, trust us, after you’ve shredded a few pork shoulders with forks, you come to admire the ease that meat shredders help with. We love the shape of these Oxo claws with long handles that are different from most. We found them easier on the wrist if you are shredding a lot of meat.

Wifi Boosters

The odd thing on a cooking gift list, we know. But a lot of grills now have apps or Bluetooth connectivity. Having strong wifi when you’re out at the grill is a must, and a couple of wifi boosters around the house will help make sure the backyard is also connected.

Light Up Gloves

Cheesy, you bet. But we had these on a family camp trip this year, and they ended up being a lot of fun. From traversing the backyard at night to building a fire at camp, these gloves are perfect for that quirky person who doesn’t ‘need’ anything.

Top Quality Meat

This one would be hard to wrap and keep under the tree, but we review our top 20 places for ordering top-quality meat online, from everyday essentials to luxurious cuts. From wild game to unique gift boxes from all over the country. All of these offer direct shipping and have a variety of options to pick from that are updated daily.